We are all about giving people experiences of a lifetime

Founded in The Netherlands, Experiencegift currently operates globally.

At the moment, the company features four leading brands within its portfolio:

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OUR STORY How it started

Have you ever been so busy that you completely forgot to buy a gift for someone’s party? Well, that’s exactly how the idea for Experiencegift came to be.

Founder Loes Daniels had less than an hour to come up with a personal gift.

She searched for a hotel gift card that can be personalised and would let her choose any hotel anywhere in the world, but couldn’t find it. Luckily the good old pen and paper did the trick when she promised her friend a trip for her birthday.

Even though her friend loved it, Loes kept wondering why such a thing didn’t already exist.

Thus, Experiencegift was born.


Live a Life Unexpected

Give someone a spontaneous unexpected trip to enrich their life

Enable your loved ones to come and visit you to have that long awaited reunion

Connect People
Open Minds

Let them explore new cultures and widen their worldview

Add true value to someone’s life through memories that last forever

Make Meaningful Memories
Build a Better World

Make a conscious decision to give back through our partnerships with NGOs

MEMORIES ARE Perhaps the best gift of all

We want to add true value to people’s lives

Our goal is to make millions of people’s lives happier through the gift of experiences. Our Mission is to offer personal experience gift cards that can be redeemed easily whenever, wherever, in a sustainable way, with excellent customer support.

We want people to live their lives to the fullest. That’s why we created gift cards that will allow people to travel anywhere, whenever they want, so they can see the world, meet new people or finally give a hug to those they haven’t seen in a while, and enrich their lives with spontaneous experiences.

By combining the simplicity of a gift card with the ability to personalise or customise it, Experiencegift becomes a personal and valued present.

The team also worked hard to make it as easy as possible for the recipient to redeem the Experiencegift. Recipients simply need to visit one of our websites, pick a dream destination or activity and enter the Experiencegift code on the payment page. With a few clicks of a button, the trip is chosen, booked and ready to begin.

Whatever the occasion, a travel voucher is the perfect getaway surprise.

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The team we have created at Flightgift consists of experts in their role. We are self steering, we take initiative and we have complete ownership over our projects. Together we are building towards the same goal.

Experiencegift flightsLoes DanielsFOUNDER
Experiencegift flightsJorik SchröderFOUNDER
Experiencegift flightsEfthalia ZapounidiOPERATIONS LEAD
Experiencegift flightsGeorge KarantzasLEAD DEVELOPER