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Hotels from over 140 hotel chains

The Hotelgift recipient can book any of our 200,000 hotels from 140 hotel brands, ranging from low-cost to luxury.

With a few clicks of a button the trip is chosen, booked and ready to begin.

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1 gift card for all major airlines worldwide

You can book any of our flights from over 300 airlines, ranging from low-cost airlines to full services airlines. By combining the simplicity of a gift card for flights with the ability to personalise or customise it, Flightgift becomes a personal and valued present.

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Help someone you love explore a new city

Activitygift covers over 18,000 tours, sightseeing activities, sports activities, theatre and music events all over the world. There is no better way to show someone how much you care about them, than give them an adventure of a lifetime.

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One gift card that lets your dreams set sail

Cruisegift will give you access to the best ways to explore new places by sea. Cruises from all major cruise lines, options to suit any budget. Travel across all continents.

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